Mukuni Village is home of the Toka Leya people under the ruler ship of Chief Mukuni where approximately 6,000 people live. A visit of the Village will expose you to a fascinating insights and real life styles of the people.
During the tour a member of the village will welcome you and show you around and how traditional huts are built and decorated.
You will have the privilege to get inside the huts and take pictures as they appreciate and get to know the abundance of the culture.
You will have the real experience of an African real village and how people live in a working village and not one built for tourists.
During the visit, you will have the chance to learn Tonga or Lozi as these are the local tribes widely used in the area. you will also have the privilege to see the Traditional huts and learn how they are constructed.
Further you may have time to see how the villagers entertain themselves through traditional dances and singing before going back to your hotel.